An Introduction to Psychology

An Introduction to Psychology

The mind is one busy place, what with all those thoughts, memories and ideas rushing around. It is also one powerful and complex entity. It is what makes you, you. Technically, the brain might function alike in all human beings; but yet each of us is unique in the way we think and behave.

There are two sciences that study the complexities of the human mind – psychology and psychiatry.

What is psychology, in the first place? It is the science of human and animal behaviour, both observable and covert – and it’s impact on things. This includes complex thoughts, varied emotions and corresponding behaviour. In theory, psychology has in it aspects of social sciences, humanities and medical sciences. Experts thus say that a grounding in science is very important for psychology.

The rigours of testing and experimenting helps one understand psychology better. And it inculcates the scientific frame of mind to question and enquire.

Whether or not we are aware of it, each of us has a bit of a psychologist in us. Even simple actions, like waiting for the right time to ask your parents for a new gadget you want or a raise in your pocket money involve an amount of understanding of how people around you will react.

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3 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns

3 Bizarre Marketing Campaigns

Taking “out of the box” to a whole new level, these marketing campaigns will forever be talked about.

#1 – Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
An auto shaped like a hot dog was designed by Carl G. Mayer to promote the hot dogs in America. The campaign might have run years ago, but is still selling hot!

#2 – Mitusubishi Triton Ute
Mitsubishi Motors in New Zealand gave free goats with their pickup truck Triton. This pepped up their sale in 2009 and worked wonders for them. The idea was targeted at the rural sector, which formed the customer segment for this truck.

#3 – Careerbuilder Monkeys
This campaign was launched during the Superbowl 2005 and became a huge hit. Careerbuilder, an employment network in the USA shows monkeys in a business environment, dressed in suits. This was aimed at employees who are unhappy with their jobs but still sticking to it.

India has also seen wacky campaigns these days. Think Idea’s jingles, Fastrack’s “Move on” and Flipkart’s latest ads with kids playing various roles in the daily life of an average Indian adult.

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What Are the Career Prospects for Marketing Students?

What Are the Career Prospects for Marketing Students?

Marketing is changing continuously with time. Earlier it used to be only about product development, branding and selling. But today, with the internet coming into play, it has become a two-way interaction, thanks to social media. Which means there is a high amount of opportunity. Digital marketing has thus boomed to created plenty of opportunities and very soon, we will witness innovative marketing practices that will open more new doors than ever before. ,Of course, we should never lose focus on the three important skills to become a great marketer – the ability to ideate and innovate, the ability to develop an effective communication strategy and the skill to sell.

Here are a few examples of the three top roles that have cropped up in the industry:

  1. Digital Marketing Head
  2. SEO Specialist
  3. Social Media Strategist

Did you know that digital marketers get paid 85% more than traditional marketers? Now that’s saying a lot. In this competitive world, marketing has never been more important. So the scope sure is massive.

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Understanding Marketing Through a Case Study

Understanding Marketing Through a Case Study

We’ll take you through the various phases of marketing through a simple example. Assume there is a company which wants to sell honey to people who do not typically shop in super markets; but shop in small stores.

Phase 1: Product planning
Here, you decide the features of the product. In this case, you decide it’s best to Package the honey in sachets instead of containers. This way, the consumers can buy whatever quantity they need, even the smallest quantity for daily use.

Phase 2: Product costing
Here you define the price. In this situation, you decide the per sachet for different quantities; 5ml, 10ml, etc.

Phase 3: Product launch
You need to launch your product in a place which is visible to your target audience. Now in this case, newspapers and traditional posters are the best ways to showcase your product in various neighbourhoods.

Phase 4: Branding strategy
What logo and colours to use? Here, you’ve got to exercise freedom with caution. Red and yellow increase appetite. You can also use traditional golden brown or golden orange to suit the colour of honey.

Phast 5: The advertisment campaign
One of the ways to do this when you’re selling local products like honey is by going back to the old methods where you can get a motor vehicle, saddle a loudspeaker on it, and get people to make announcements in the neighbourhoods. The other can be announcements on the radio or on local television channels. Keep digital advertising and marketing out of the picture, when you’re targeting mere neighbourhoods. You can use that when your business expands.

Sometimes, you can think out of the box and adopt alternative or new platforms of communication even via traditional methods to sell your product.

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The 4 Essential Elements of Marketing

The 4 Essential Elements of Marketing

Marketing has seen a revolution over the years. With the recent evolution of the internet market and social media, marketing has now expanded to include the techniques of digital marketing. In fact, brands can now also engage with their consumers directly and not merely connecting with them on a mass scale.The communication, connect and engagement happens through different media and platforms. It’s now easy for us to get in touch with brands to show appreciation, make a request or escalate an issue.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the set of basics. The elements that provide you direction on how to market, rather than what to market. And here they are:

This is where you figure out what exactly you’re selling. It could be a product or service. You need to decide what features and attributes will be essential to marketing.

Here, you need to decide where you’re selling this product or service. This decison is primarily based on who needs this the most. It has got to be a calculated move.

Based on the above two factors (and assessing the competition), you come up with the most suitable pricing for the market.

How are you going to place your product or service in the market? That’s what positioning decides. You also need to work hand-in-hand with the branding team here.

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What Good Marketing is All About

What Good Marketing is All About

Can you instantly recall a brand and tagline or jingle you saw or heard? That, my friends, is what good marketing is all about.

Think Surf Excel’s “Daag Acche Hai” or Maggi’s “Taste Bhi Health Bhi”. Whether or not a brand’s advertising efforts suits your taste, if you are able to remember it very easily, it is an example of effective marketing.

The main role of marketing is to advertise the worth of the product. Marketing is essentially the means by which an organization communicates with its consumers and connects with them to get their product or service.

Here’s what good marketing is all about:

A marketing campaign is good only if it has reached out to the relevant people and put across a message that truly matters to their audience and to the current times. Outdated and inappropriate messages will only result in failure.

In a world where attention spans are reaching an all-new low, marketing campaigns need to be a cut above the rest and quite eye-catching to stand out. Standard forms of communication and visuals won’t work as well as they used to before.

Yes, it’s not only doctors and psychologists that need empathy. Marketers need to sense the pulse of all people, let alone their users. This keeps them from making distasteful and irrelevant campaigns.

It is important to remember that marketing is the art of communicating the value of a product to the consumer and selling the product is just the end result of marketing.

This means that marketing professionals are responsible for increasing the value of the product or service that an organisation provides. This also implies that marketing professionals perform a function that will ensure the overall growth of the entire organization.

So that’s what it is. Stay tuned for more details about marketing.

The Oldest, the Largest and the Tallest Hotels in the World

The Oldest, the Largest and the Tallest Hotels in the World

Whether or not you’re interested in the world of hotel management, these facts are sure to blow your mind!

The oldest hotel in the world
The Guinness Book of World Records has reported that the oldest hotel that is still operating today is Hoshi Ryokan in Komatsu, Japan. Apparently, it opened in the year 718!

The 3 largest hotels in the world
The hotel with the most number of rooms in the world is the Venetian Palazzo Complex in Las Vegas, USA, with a whopping 7,117 rooms. Others on the list are the MGM Grand Hotel, also in Las Vegas, with 6,852 rooms and the First World Hotel in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, with 6,118 rooms.

The tallest hotel in the world
You can go high on this fact! The “tallest hotel in the world” title currently belongs to Abraj Al Bait Towers in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is 601 metres (1,972 feet) tall and has 95 floors. Isn’t that crazily gigantic?

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