It is no surprise that everywhere in our country, students mostly learn their subjects by-heart and forget it once it is no longer needed. In fact, we have found that barely 10% of students apply what they learn.

And in an age when distractions are aplenty in the form of gadgets, games and social networking, a youngster’s interest in academics has only dipped further than ever before. This is the last thing we want, especially in the critical stages of classes 8 to 12.

However, forcing them to study will not help. We need a win-win situation where everyone is happy – parents, teachers and students.

That’s what we at Vidyartha bring to the table: customized learning guidance, tailored to every student’s unique needs and interests.

In our experience of working with 3,000+ schools and 2,00,000+ students, we have found the perfect formula to happy students, teachers and parents:

Interests + Preferred Learning style + Unique Learning Path = Great Academic Scores + Course/College of Choice = Bright future

Happy students, teachers and parents

And here’s what we do to ensure we follow that formula to the dot:

  1. We analyse the student’s academic scores, interests and aptitudes
  2. We give him/her an idea of where he/she stands as opposed to peers on a regional and nation-wide level
  3. We offer recommendations on the next step – a personal learning coach who can guide them on how to reach their score targets every quarter with their favourite learning style
  4. We provide suggestions on what course stream or college they can choose to best suit their interests and aptitudes

So let’s create the next wave in education and have students truly enjoying their learning as well as innovating and performing to their full potential!

Visit www.vidyartha.com or give us a missed call at 080-33013095.