Being a software engineer looks like the coolest thing ever. Or maybe not. If you’re one of those who wants to become one just for the money, rethink. On the other hand, if you’re somebody who thinks software engineers are people with no personal life and barely existent social skills, you need some fresh perspective.

Check out these 11 key traits that are a must to become a software engineer who’s a cut above the rest:

#1 – A passion for technology

A software engineer should be in love with coding. Doing some research on the latest apps or gadgets should be a hobby. If you are a software engineer, you’re valuable only as long as you’re abreast of all developments going on in the field of technology – and we know how dynamic the field is!

#2 – Versatility

The ability to code in multiple languages and reuse and maintain code effectively helps a software engineer shine as an efficient employee. It is important for every coder to update himself/herself with new skills on a broader range as time flies.

#3 – Curiosity

The best of software engineers are always never at rest when they think about why something is done in a particular way or when they think of how something works. In fact, this is a trait they have from childhood – usually breaking things just to find out how they work. Yet, they are objective about solutions. Putting together software is creative, and plenty of software engineers have artistic hobbies.

#4 – Vision

There is no use developing code if it won’t be applicable in a few years down the road. As a software engineer, you’ve got to be a visionary and create code and libraries that are open to being used and reused in all code languages. Being able to see the impacts of current decisions is important so you can build great software.

#5 – Business acumen
A software engineer needs to understand why what he has developed matters to the other departments and to the client. Only if they understand the business that they’re working for can they develop software with the desired features. Understanding the market and working towards scaling the product should be a key consideration for any software engineer.

#6 – Attention to detail

If you’re someone who seeks perfection in every detail of your work, you’re already halfway there. Be serious about checking your work and you’re sure to become a software star! Remember, one silly error can ruin the entire system.

#7 – Discipline

You might love your job and all the projects you take care of, but being sloppy is a huge no-no. Apart from attention to detail, it is important to stay organized. So much bad code is a product of those developers who don’t do what they know ought to be done.

#8 – Patience

It’s natural for a few bugs to occur and for design glitches to delay the process you had in mind. And of course, you will have to deal with a variety of people who may not match your working style. But you have got to work towards the problem patiently. Nothing else will help.

#9 – The ability and willingness to learn

A great software engineer does not know everything. Instead, he/she is always eager to learn more and capable of easily adding it to his/her vast knowledge base. Learning and adapting are core skills.

#10 – Problem solving

Finding problems is easy. Pointing out what’s wrong with a system serves no purpose – a software engineer must think of different ways to resolve the issues found. They need to think on their feet and arrive at a variety of potential solutions to a problem and then work towards it.

#11 – Teamwork
Myth busted! Coders cannot be socially awkward. They must be fully capable of working in a team with different kinds of people.

Got anything more you’d like to know? Let us know in the comment’s section below.

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