The JEE is a supremely competitive exam, to say the least. Everybody wants a great rank – but getting there requires you to battle all the pressure and rise above the rest. No one said it was easy, but hey – you can make it with these 7 great tips!

#1 – Get your math skills sharpened
We’re talking at least 40 numerical problems to be solved in a day. More, if you can and feel the need to. Until the day of the exam, incorporate this into your routine so that solving mathematical problems will become second nature to you.

#2 – Work by the watch
Set time limits for your self so you can simulate the pressure of time constraints that you’ll be facing during the day of the exam. Push yourself, but of course, don’t drain yourself out. You can answer all questions quickly if you do so.

#3 – Polish off the toughies first
While you begin your preparations, it’s best to tame the beast first. Start off with the difficult topics and prioritise according to your learning style, so you can later find that studying becomes really simple!

#4 – Be your own critic
Analyse the mistakes you’re making. Spot where you’re going wrong. And then work on it as hard as you can. After all, you’ve got to prove your critic wrong!

#5 – Make logic your way of life
Practise how to think logically. This is an aspect most often ignored because it’s taken for granted. When you’re attempting JEE problems, logical thinking is the core of arriving at your solution. Go step by step and do not entertain stray thoughts or haphazard methods.

#6 – Board Exam Syllabus to the rescue!
Thought you’d never have any use for those textbooks? Well, you’re wrong. Both the JEE Main and the JEE Advanced exams use material from your very own board exam syllabus. So brush up all that knowledge you already have!

#7 – Get the wisdom of the years
Get all those JEE question papers from the past 10 or 15 years. Stack them up. Attempt them one by one. You’ll be all set to go!

Let us know if these tips helped by leaving a comment below. We’re sure that if you follow these steps, you will find the exam a breeze! All the best.

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