There are two types of teachers – good and bad. There is no in-between, and that’s the harsh truth we all have to live with. If we support our students educationally and emotionally, we are great teachers – and if we fail in even one of these forms of support, we’re bad.

Now don’t go harsh on yourself. This only means you should get better at your job – and it really isn’t hard. Consider your student a logical human being first, forget the fact that he/she is a few decades younger.

Now that you have that in mind, let’s go on to the 4 ways you can make a class so engaging that students will look forward to it every single time:

#1 – Begin with a short warm-up session
Remember that your students are just like you – they need to refresh their minds after work. They’re in class all day and have their brains drained out. Also remember that each student has a different learning type. Prepare an engaging warm-up that activates all ways of learning and perception – visual, auditory, verbal, logical, kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal. That should get them set!

#2 – Value collaboration
You’ve got to teach your students the power of collaboration – make your entire class a collaborative effort – collaborate with your students and encourage them to collaborate with one another through project work. This will also help them understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses and thus work together as a team, cultivating ownership and confidence. Involve with them to ensure things are going smoothly and intervene if necessary to show that they ought to value each other – but do not interfere. There’s a difference!

#3 – Keep your communication crisp
When your communication is precise and concise, it encourages students to develop clear communication and also keeps them engaged. Crisp communication indicates that you have clarity of thought and that you value time (yours and that of your students), so it increases your credibility as a teacher! Besides, when you’re to-the-point, you’re more impactful and interesting. Now which student doesn’t want a teacher like that?

#4 – Encourage free discussions
If you’ve got a one-hour period, don’t spend all of it in lecturing the class solo. 5 minutes of warm up, 35 minutes of lecture, 10 minutes of collaborative project work related to the previous topic and 10 minutes of free discussion regarding the current topic would be the ideal distribution of time. Let students ask their doubts, clarify in a friendly, helpful manner. Allow their imaginations to run wild and never laugh at them. Treat them as mature adults and you will find respect and admiration coming your way!

Got more tips or have something to ask? Post your suggestions or questions in the comments’ section below.

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