Psychology is a field that is attracting a lot of recognition in India and abroad. Mental health is now considered just as vital as physical health. And in some cases, the two are interlinked too. A bad state of mind can lead to physical illnesses. Given today’s fast pace of life and intense peer pressure, everyone at some point suffers from stress and mental strain in varying degrees, whether it is a student feeling the stress of board exams or an office-goer trying to cope with workload.

A psychologist deals with people going through a certain phase in life, which could be situational or abnormal. So, the counsellor at school who helps with adolescent issues, or your career counsellor, or a relationship therapist – they are psychologists.

Here are various reasons why we need psychology:

To identify mental and emotional conditions
We’re growing from a society that treats all problems with punishment to a society that identifies, understands and treats issues with care. The credit mainly goes to psychology. Today, we don’t go about encouraging corporal punishment to students who have learning disabilities, or electrocuting people with personality disorders. These are diagnosed and treated.

To shake the roots of social and cultural evils
Psychology is necessary to uproot the blind beliefs that human beings have and shed some scientific light on phenomena that can be explained otherwise. Besides, it is necessary to remove the stigma associated with certain types of behaviour and the consequences that follow.

To increase awareness about environmental and genetic influence
This is not just a curative measure, but a preventive one. Counselling families on the effect of their lives and circumstances on their children can help them create a better environment to grow up in. Besides, families with genetic problems can ensure their children do not get affected by the same problems they had.

Psychologists are thus a very important part of our lives. They take us through various phases of life and help restore normalcy by adapting to these changes.

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