Building a career in the field of psychology is not exactly an easy ride. When your job consists of counseling people, hearing their stories, identifying their problems, and guiding them through to positivity, it can be quite emotionally draining on you.

As a profession, psychology is still in its infancy in India. It is still mostly used in the realms of designing tests for assessing aptitude, ability, intelligence, special needs and so on. Today, though there is a lot more awareness about the need for good mental health, going to a psychologist is considered taboo. Awareness about psychology is lacking largely due to the taboo of mental health problems in India.

So how will you know if you are cut out for psychology? You are if…

You have a strong sense of empathy
Psychology isn’t about listening to people and offering judgement. It’s about putting yourself in their shoes – not so you can get involved and feel sad – but because you will know exactly what will help them and counsel them accordingly.

You are a patient listener
This is vital to build a career in this field. If you’re a good listener and are good at putting people at ease, you could well give this career a shot.

You have an eye for research
Psychology isn’t just about helping overcome problems, one person at a time. You ought to keep your mind open and identify patterns so you can understand the world at large and thus solve problems at a deeper and larger level. This requires a scientific bent of mind.

You are resilient
This is a profession where you’ve got to be soft yet tough. You’re going to have to witness plenty of sad truths about the human mind and the way it prompts people to think and behave. But you cannot break down. You’ve got to be there, but you’ve got to take a step back too.

Think you can do this? If yes, don’t hesitate. Take up a course in Psychology and set off on the journey to achieve your dreams. Sign up with Vidyartha so we can help you acquire the skills you need.

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