Marketing is changing continuously with time. Earlier it used to be only about product development, branding and selling. But today, with the internet coming into play, it has become a two-way interaction, thanks to social media. Which means there is a high amount of opportunity. Digital marketing has thus boomed to created plenty of opportunities and very soon, we will witness innovative marketing practices that will open more new doors than ever before. ,Of course, we should never lose focus on the three important skills to become a great marketer – the ability to ideate and innovate, the ability to develop an effective communication strategy and the skill to sell.

Here are a few examples of the three top roles that have cropped up in the industry:

  1. Digital Marketing Head
  2. SEO Specialist
  3. Social Media Strategist

Did you know that digital marketers get paid 85% more than traditional marketers? Now that’s saying a lot. In this competitive world, marketing has never been more important. So the scope sure is massive.

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