Taking “out of the box” to a whole new level, these marketing campaigns will forever be talked about.

#1 – Oscar Mayer Weinermobile
An auto shaped like a hot dog was designed by Carl G. Mayer to promote the hot dogs in America. The campaign might have run years ago, but is still selling hot!

#2 – Mitusubishi Triton Ute
Mitsubishi Motors in New Zealand gave free goats with their pickup truck Triton. This pepped up their sale in 2009 and worked wonders for them. The idea was targeted at the rural sector, which formed the customer segment for this truck.

#3 – Careerbuilder Monkeys
This campaign was launched during the Superbowl 2005 and became a huge hit. Careerbuilder, an employment network in the USA shows monkeys in a business environment, dressed in suits. This was aimed at employees who are unhappy with their jobs but still sticking to it.

India has also seen wacky campaigns these days. Think Idea’s jingles, Fastrack’s “Move on” and Flipkart’s latest ads with kids playing various roles in the daily life of an average Indian adult.

Got more awesome marketing campaigns you can think of? Tell us – we’d love to know!

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