Can you instantly recall a brand and tagline or jingle you saw or heard? That, my friends, is what good marketing is all about.

Think Surf Excel’s “Daag Acche Hai” or Maggi’s “Taste Bhi Health Bhi”. Whether or not a brand’s advertising efforts suits your taste, if you are able to remember it very easily, it is an example of effective marketing.

The main role of marketing is to advertise the worth of the product. Marketing is essentially the means by which an organization communicates with its consumers and connects with them to get their product or service.

Here’s what good marketing is all about:

A marketing campaign is good only if it has reached out to the relevant people and put across a message that truly matters to their audience and to the current times. Outdated and inappropriate messages will only result in failure.

In a world where attention spans are reaching an all-new low, marketing campaigns need to be a cut above the rest and quite eye-catching to stand out. Standard forms of communication and visuals won’t work as well as they used to before.

Yes, it’s not only doctors and psychologists that need empathy. Marketers need to sense the pulse of all people, let alone their users. This keeps them from making distasteful and irrelevant campaigns.

It is important to remember that marketing is the art of communicating the value of a product to the consumer and selling the product is just the end result of marketing.

This means that marketing professionals are responsible for increasing the value of the product or service that an organisation provides. This also implies that marketing professionals perform a function that will ensure the overall growth of the entire organization.

So that’s what it is. Stay tuned for more details about marketing.


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