We’ll take you through the various phases of marketing through a simple example. Assume there is a company which wants to sell honey to people who do not typically shop in super markets; but shop in small stores.

Phase 1: Product planning
Here, you decide the features of the product. In this case, you decide it’s best to Package the honey in sachets instead of containers. This way, the consumers can buy whatever quantity they need, even the smallest quantity for daily use.

Phase 2: Product costing
Here you define the price. In this situation, you decide the per sachet for different quantities; 5ml, 10ml, etc.

Phase 3: Product launch
You need to launch your product in a place which is visible to your target audience. Now in this case, newspapers and traditional posters are the best ways to showcase your product in various neighbourhoods.

Phase 4: Branding strategy
What logo and colours to use? Here, you’ve got to exercise freedom with caution. Red and yellow increase appetite. You can also use traditional golden brown or golden orange to suit the colour of honey.

Phast 5: The advertisment campaign
One of the ways to do this when you’re selling local products like honey is by going back to the old methods where you can get a motor vehicle, saddle a loudspeaker on it, and get people to make announcements in the neighbourhoods. The other can be announcements on the radio or on local television channels. Keep digital advertising and marketing out of the picture, when you’re targeting mere neighbourhoods. You can use that when your business expands.

Sometimes, you can think out of the box and adopt alternative or new platforms of communication even via traditional methods to sell your product.

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