Let’s kick off with the cons, so they don’t get you down. Because Hotel Management is indeed a lot of fun!


#1 – Low salaries in the first few years
When you begin your career in the hotel management industry, you will have to do jobs that you aren’t too interested in  – and you won’t be paid so well too.

#2 – High stress levels
Physical labour, constant pressure to do your best and handling customer problems are not easy tasks. The stress is going to be quite high.

#3 – Difficult to maintain work-life balance
The long working hours and weird shift timings could get to you. Also, considering holiday season is the busiest time for hotels, you may not get to spend much time with family and friends.


#1 – Say goodbye to monotony
In this industry, every day is different. You’ll have different things to do, a variety of challenges to face and a new highlight each day.

#2 – You get to meet so many people
And maybe travel too! If you’re the hospitable and outgoing type, you will love this job entirely. Plus, working with luxury hotels and resorts can get you to see new places.

#3 – Great benefits at high posts
Once you climb up the ladder, it’s all very worthwhile. You will receive not only top-of-the-rung salaries but also bonuses like a suite in the hotel, complimentary food and the like.

So if you’re passionate, have no fear and join. Let us know if you have more questions by leaving a comment below.


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