The meaning of the term is in the term itself! Education Management involves taking care of how schools, colleges and other educational institutions function and leading it towards better performance and improved results. This is not solely for the purpose of giving the institution a better name and rank, but to also help the students, teachers and other staff involved.

In today’s times, schools and colleges are not just the fort of the principal or the dean. They are not the only guardians of the school/college, its staff and its students and how they work. There is so much more to running an educational institution than just ensuring that there are good teachers, disciplined students and accurate distribution of prescribed educational material.

There are subtler but equally important operations involved – like deciding what books make it to the curriculum; who ensures that the books and other stationary are available on time; who resolves any disputes between the staff and the students; who takes care of the advertising and marketing activities for the institution, who looks after the campus placement division at colleges, the grading system and so on.

The entire gamut of managing all possible functioning aspects of an educational institution, right from creating its visibility in the market and establishing its name as a trusted brand to ensuring the smooth functioning of the institution and coordinating all aspects with various departments within and outside the institution is a part of education management.

Sounds a lot more interesting than you thought, doesn’t it? Stay tuned for more updates on education management and see what goes on behind running a school like yours.


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