What Goes On Inside a Bank?

Do you enjoy solving number puzzles? Are you intrigued by the dynamic nature of the stock market and the unpredictability yet method-oriented fashion of the financial world? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you can consider Banking and Finance as a career prospect.


Banks are one part of the large world of Banking and Finance.

So what do people in a bank do? Of course, they keep our money safe.  But it’s not just about that. They also increase it for us by giving it back to us with a certain amount of interest on the money we’ve deposited, and give us loans when we need them. But what’s in it for the bank? How are they able to give us that extra money as interest? Where does this money come from?

The money that we keep in a bank is used for other purposes, such as investing in new industries. A part of the profit that the bank gets is then distributed to its customers in the form of interest.

Check this out for a better understanding of the system:


And if you’ve got more questions, ask us in the comments below!




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