How Much Will it Cost You to Pursue a Career in Biotechnology?

Since biotechnology courses will require the use of advanced equipment, technology and material, they are bound to be expensive.

You will need to shell out anywhere between Rs.3,00,000/- to Rs.3,50,000/- on an annual basis – that is, if you’re planning to study in India. Generally, it is more expensive to study in a private institution than in a completely government funded institution.

If the idea is to study abroad, though, remember that the cost of learning in a foreign University is twice as high as that in an Indian university. Which means the costs might go up to Rs.6,00,000/- or more per year.

Some educational institutions offer stipends and scholarships to students, but in most cases, these are not enough to cover the tuition fees and your living expenses. Banks do provide loans to students, which have to be repaid after you complete your course. It is not very difficult to get these educational loans. There are plenty of banks willing to offer them to genuine and capable students.

So if you’ve been thinking about pursuing an undergraduate course in biotechnology or if you know someone who is planning to do so, don’t scare them. It’all going to pay off in the end.



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