6 Questions that People Ask Students Pursuing a B.A. Degree: And Witty Retorts You Can Use

As much as we’d like to believe that more and more disciplines are being valued with the passage of time, the truth remains that some areas (read ARTS) are barely understood, let alone recognised or respected.

Whose fault is it? A little bit of everyone is to blame. Teachers, parents and other elders for not knowing enough and students for being either too loud or too soft. Arts students need to be calm when they’re faced with such situations. Getting offended will help no one, but educating the ignorant with a bit of humour will.

So let’s not be victims. It’s time to have fun!

#1: “B.A? What happened, didn’t you get an admission in B.Com?”
I didn’t try. Should I have tried it? Will Commerce teach me Shakespeare, Freud and Amartya Sen?

#2: “B.A? You shouldn’t do that. Arts is for dull students”
Shhh… Shakespeare and Picasso can hear you and boy are they going to be mad! Tagore is already rolling his eyes right now.

#3: “What job will you get with an English Honours? Teacher?”
Why not? I can then teach kids basic English before they become software engineers and write code. By the way, I have more career options than that, but that’s for our next class.

#4: “Psychology? So you read minds for a living?”
Haha, I wish! Don’t you think I would have explained what I do much before you asked this question if I knew how to read minds?

#5: “Journalism, Political Science, Economics and Sociology sound so boring”
And wouldn’t I jump with joy to talk about friction, calculus, blood and the properties of water? So cool!

#6: And the last, but most annoying: “Don’t you feel inferior before Science students?”
Nah, we’re the right and left hemispheres of Leonardo Da Vinci’s brain. *High-five yourself if they don’t get that reference*

Got other silly questions people ask you and fun ways to answer them? Comment below and tell us!



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