Looking Beyond the MBBS: Allied Medicine

Think of studying to join the field of medicine and “MBBS” is the first thing that pops up in your mind.

But the field of medicine is far more massive than you think – from conducting a variety of research reports on diseases and medicines to actually getting down to treat your patients, there is a huge number of job roles on offer.

Healthcare is not just about becoming a doctor. There’s a plethora of other roles that go into building an effective healthcare system. Dentistry, nutrition & dietetics, physiotherapy and nursing are only a few among the many.

So why are these roles important and why should you be learning about them? Two reasons:
a) There is an increasing demand for the services of these professionals
b) You have the potential to earn big money in this field

Of course, it goes without saying: your interest in these areas is what matters the most.


So what specific traits do you need to make a career out of allied medical professions?

a) A flair for science is a must, especially the love for biology
b) Loads of patience, so you can be good to your patients
c) Persistence, because complex procedures can stun you
d) A caring and empathetic attitude, so you can advise your patients
e) A calm mind,so that you keep your cool in tough situations
f) Good communication skills, so that your interactions with fellow professionals and patients is cordial

Now here’s the thing. You should be able to cope with the sights and smells of a hospital. After all, a hospital set-up is the most common work avenue, though there are non-hospital roles as well.

The biggest plus point of a career in these professions is the number of opportunities available and the never ending demand for medical professionals. In recent years, there has not only been increase in awareness regarding wellness measures, but also a development in lifestyle-related diseases. There is thus a larger emphasis on the need for better healthcare facilities and professionals.

If you have more questions about Allied Medicine, ask us in the comments section below.


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