How to Catapult Yourself into the World of Advertising

It is only too well-known that the field of advertising is not for the weak-hearted. You’ve got to have courage, determination, networking skills and tireless dedication.

So, you’ve got all of that. Now you need to know how you can get that head-start and then sustain the momentum. Here’s how:

First, get a bachelor’s degree
There is no specific degree for advertising, but what will really help is a degree in journalism, multimedia, mass communication or visual communication. You could even pursue a course in art to fine-tune your right brain. For a career as a copywriter, a good command of the language and impeccable writing skills is just what you need.

To be a visual producer, however, you will need a bachelor’s degree in visual communication. There are plenty of institutes that offer both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in relevant subjects. Also, graduates in applied art from art schools like the JJ School of Applied Art and other design institutes are welcome into the gates of the advertising world.

If you’re aiming for an account management role – higher education
A marketing degree – a post graduate course, a diploma or an MBA – is useful in the account management department. The Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA) is considered India’s premier communication management institute and offers a variety of coveted courses in communication management, creative communication, advertising management and public relations.

But there’s only so much a qualification can do. It can decorate your resume and get you a place in the industry to begin with. All that really counts is your talent and passion.

Don’t get complacent, build your portfolio
All advertising professionals recommend that the first few years of your career should be spent working on a number of fruitful projects and being exposed to a variety of clients across sectors. Not only will it give you the exposure you need, but it will also help you build contacts!

Job opportunities await you in advertising agencies, commercial radio or TV channels, print media, market research, advertising firms, the advertising and PR departments of organizations, businesses and the government.

Here are the top 7 advertising agencies in India that you can look at:
1. Ogilvy & Mather
2. J Walter Thompson
3. Mudra Communication
4. FCB Ulka Advertising Ltd
5. Rediffusion DY & R
6. McCann Erickson India Ltd
7. RR Swamy BBDO

Additionally, there are scores of smaller agencies, which have lesser visibility but good advertisements to their credit. It thus makes sense to intern or work briefly with a few different ad agencies. Make sure you take up internships alongside college. That will give you a foothold of the industry even before you take up full-time employment.

Mumbai is generally regarded as the hub of the industry. Most of the action – be it client meetings, creative brainstorming or ad shoots – happens in the city of dreams.

Apart from ad agencies, other top recruiters for professionals with advertising skills are corporate companies like Google, Microsoft, GE Capital, Essar, P&G, Yahoo-India, Channel V, Zee Telefilms, Indian Express, MBL-RCG and ORG-MARG, among others.

Want ideas on how to begin? Ask us! Visit and sign up to get your own learning path, so you can become ready to step into an advertising course.


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