Education around the world has evolved over the years and so have young minds.

But is our education system keeping up with the pace?

Even today, certain text books are full of myths busted years ago, and classroom dynamics are roughly the same as they used to be in the 1980s.

A few international schools are breaking the norm, but somehow, the larger puzzle still hasn’t been pieced together.

A great inequality exists in classes, and young students grow to become less confident, less interested in class, more worried about their scores, and more confused.

But to get things on track, we need to understand the 3 biggest problems that high school students face – and the solutions to them.

#1 – Lack of core skill development

While students might be taught how to mug up their words, theories and formulas, barely 10% of them are able to pass basic aptitude tests and apply what they learn. Important skills such as numerical ability, verbal reasoning and logical thinking are not developed well enough.

The solution: Imbibing problem solving scenarios and case studies early on into the syllabus. This builds each student’s core skills while encouraging lateral and critical thinking.

#2 – Not being heard

There is a lot of literature, cinema, news and advertising out there showing how students are not able to voice their passions. Certain subjects are being given more importance than others, while real talents and aptitudes are not being recognized. This must change.

The solution: Changing the approach towards students and how each subject is taught as well as understood. Encourage students to show what subjects they are passionate and have sessions where they can discuss the research they did on their favourite topics.

#3 – Lack of emphasis on communication

Just teaching English and other subjects does not make your student a good communicator. Students must be taught the importance of communication and how to make decisions practically. This will help them go a long way in their studies, projects and in life.

The solution: Making written and verbal communication exercises exciting and relevant with problem scenarios and role play.

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